[dba-SQLServer] Users in SQL Server

Francisco Tapia fhtapia at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 10:08:14 CST 2011

Glad the tip worked,
  I do love SQL in all its variants, its' the language I'm most comfortable
in; these days however I don't get to spend much time working on new
projects for Sql Server as I've trained a Jr developers to take over that
role, and a set of DBAs to handle the day to day.  I work on other projects
now, but I do like returning to Sql to see whats new and what's changed.  I
know you think your the only one fighting this fight against MS, but many
of us get frustrated.  Not all the documentation is out in the open in
plain english, but that goes with any language.  I can make the same type
of outlandish arguments against mobile development which is what I am
working on right now.  The problem I think rises that when you are a n00b,
you tend to ask / query for things in one manner, and become frustrated,
after some acclimation to the language you begin querying differently, thus
your search results match your expectation.

Jumping around the way you do is your choice, (glad you have one).  All
things take time, and I don't say it to discourage you but, that's why they
say Rome wasn't built in a day.  Keep on SQLing John, we'll put you outta
your misery :) LOL.

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On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 19:03, jwcolby <jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com> wrote:

> So yea, I would much prefer a few more wizards to help me out, but given
> what I do in an average day I pretty much learn what I have to.  For some
> reason arcane SQL Server asininities aren't real high on my list of things
> I want to spend my time on, though I do understand that there is nothing
> you would rather do.
> To each his own I suppose.
> >    You're right, but I shake my head because you don't care to learn
> LOL Of course you do.  And I shake my head because you think you have the
> right to decide what I should make a priority on my life.
> Thanks for the tip by the way.

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