[dba-SQLServer] NoSQL etc.

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Wed Dec 7 14:30:42 CST 2011

I haven't actually tried any, but from  everything I've read about them, that's my take on them 

They are very useful for  quick retrieval of data atoms from huge datasets  but don't do 
hierarchical structures well.   

I guess it would be good for a document storage/retreival system with full text indexing  


On 7 Dec 2011 at 11:46, Arthur Fuller wrote:

> I have downloaded and installed a couple of these but not yet discovered
> any practical (from my POV) applications of this. From what I can gather
> from the ReadMes etc., they are basically a key-value collection, which it
> would seem is designed for web-apps whose principal task is to rapidly and
> scalably retrieve values from the db. It's not readily apparent how this
> might be applied to a relational database (say, Customers, Orders,
> OrderDetails and Products).
> Does anyone have any insight into actual use of these technologies?
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