[dba-SQLServer] Views don't sort

Robert Robert at WeBeDb.com
Wed May 25 09:30:59 CDT 2011


The minute you raid uneditable, you should be using a stored 
procedure and a pass through query.

For editable, your choices are views with the PK included or the 
tables, the first being the preference.

BTW...The non-sort behavior started with 2005.


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>AFAICT pass through queries are not editable.  I am trying to build 
>three specific types of queries.
>1) Editable (bound) form queries
>2) Uneditable combo queries
>3) Uneditable report queries.
>I am using Access 2K3 for dev and Access 2K7 (runtime) someday soon 
>to be 2K10 (runtime) for general
>It seems that the top(very large number) works for the moment for 
>returning sorted recordsets.  OTOH
>doing the pass-through trick for doing filtered uneditable queries 
>would work great.
>John W. Colby

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