[dba-SQLServer] Restoring backups

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 29 15:54:01 CST 2012

Hi John:

Here is something that was recently posted with compiled(bin) and source
versions for download from Codeproject. It has modules for both backup and
restore written in Server Management Objects. 


Whether it is a better solution or not I am not sure as I just use an
automated drive image product and regular command line copies for data as I
have no major databases on site.

Thank Shamil for posting the original link.



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Does anyone know of a utility to track backups of a database from the full,
each differential and 
the log file backups and allow you to just point to one of the above backups
and restore each piece 
in order?  IOW if I do a full backup Sunday night, a differential every
weekday night, and log 
backups every 1/2 hour, I would like to point to the a log file backup
somehow (in a table?) and 
have the software understand that the backup chain for that log backup
starts at the Sunday night 
full and progresses through each intermediary backup?  So I could click a
button and restore down 
through the backup chain.

Does such a thing exist?  Is such a thing even possible?

For the moment I am using the scripts from here:


They appear to perform exactly as claimed.  I am able to get Full, DIFF and
LOG backups easily and 
quickly.  What I am missing is the ability to restore these things easily
and quickly.  Restoring a 
full is easy, after that not so easy.

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting

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