[dba-Tech] Flaky system

Steven W. Erbach serbach at new.rr.com
Thu Aug 5 08:57:41 CDT 2004


>> There's also memory testing software out these that you can set to run overnight. <<

Do you mean something different, say, from Norton Utilities? I found a web site, www.pcpitstop.com , that has on-line tests of your PC; but nothing along the lines of an overnight test of memory. I just purchased Gibson's latest, SpinRite 6. Just before all of my video problems occured (and just before the power supply went phhfftt!) I ran SpinRite 6 on my wife's C: drive. Took 16 hours to do the most thorough test! I also discovered that the on-board IDE controller only has a sustained throughput of about 2.5 MB per second. Yuck!

Anyway, the video problem has resolved itself, thanks to Scott's suggestion. But I'd appreciate anything you've got to say about PC hardware testing software suites in general. What do you use? What's available?


Steve Erbach

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