[dba-Tech] SP2

Haslett, Andrew andrew.haslett at ilc.gov.au
Tue Aug 10 19:19:30 CDT 2004

Yep - firewall is an issue for corporations.  Should be easy to turn off in
GPO's if required.

Increased DCOM security (access permissions) may affect some applications as

As with any updates, they should be thoroughly tested before rolling out.

Apart from that, no other issues as yet.  Looks like a good'un...


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System administrators will hand out blanket advise like this because they
are responsible for testing such patches.  If you are not in this
environment then the added security patched holes in SP2 will be a positive
product for you.

just don't forget to read on how to configure the firewall.

Peter Brawley wrote On 8/10/2004 9:05 AM:

>>Yeah dont touch it til at least late September. 
>>Tahts the advise from our Help Desk.
>Thanks. How will I persuade myself to trust it then, I wonder?
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>  Yeah dont touch it til at least late September. Tahts the advise from 
> our  Help Desk.
>  Martin
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>  Any opinions on WinXP SP2?
>  Rocky


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