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Erwin Craps - IT Helps Erwin.Craps at ithelps.be
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The logon script is not applied when users log on to a Windows
2000-based computer after they create their roaming profile on a Windows
XP-based computer

I also believe there is a registry key on W2K or XP workstation that
disables the execution of the logon script, but I can't seem te find it.


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My work domain uses login scripts to map drives, set the clock of the
pcs etc whenever someone logs into a pc... this one user's script does
not work... I've checked the script, it's the same as everyone else's,
the only difference is her name. The name of the script is spelt the
same as on her user profile and her home directory, which isn't being
mapped either...
It works for everyone else... I'm lost... any ideas? The account isn't
locked out, nor are there any weird group memberships to worry about - I
copied the account of someone else in her department, who I know the
script works for.

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