[dba-Tech] Windows XP SP2 Breaks Apps

Haslett, Andrew andrew.haslett at ilc.gov.au
Sun Mar 7 17:15:58 CST 2004

Fair enough. 

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On 7 Mar 2004 at 20:52, Haslett, Andrew wrote:

> Give em a bit of a chance.  Its still in Beta isn't it. 

If you go and read the full article, available from:


or for the line wrap challenged :)


The first paragraph says:

"Microsoft has made something of a trade-off with the update, focusing on
security improvements at the expense of backward compatibility. The company
has called on all software developers to test their code against the beta
version of Service Pack 2, or face the possibility that the update will
break their handiwork."

So, MS expects that the SP will break things. It also implies that if
SP2 does break your app, then it wasn't written correctly with safety in
mind. A little over the top, IMHO, but none the less it's their stance.

Hell MS have even set up a training course for SP2!!

So there is something to this, IMO.

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