[dba-Tech] Old style macro program

Mitsules, Mark S. (Newport News) Mark.Mitsules at ngc.com
Mon Mar 8 09:20:31 CST 2004

Although I have no experience with it, a co-worker recommends "Automate"
from Unisyn.  I was unable to access their site before passing this
along...but, who knows, maybe that's a good sign;)



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Definitely what I had in mind. Thanks for the pointer. Looks like a bit of a
learning curve though....

It may be worth taking a look at HoeKey  from 

"HoeKey lets you assign most keys on your keyboard to many different 
actions. You set this up in a config file."
Get quick user input
The results of the user input goes into the variable %u, for later 
usage by Run, or MsgBox, or whatever.
Playback keystrokes. Optional Delay in milliseconds"

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