[dba-Tech] WTFO?

Francisco H Tapia my.lists at verizon.net
Tue Mar 16 08:51:32 CST 2004

William Hindman wrote:

>...all of a sudden I'm getting a bunch of returned messages that I never
>sent :(((((((
>...they all appear to be porn spam using a variety of names in the from line
>but all with my dejpolsys at hotmail.com following the name which of course
>results in me getting the ones with a bad address.
>...I'm afraid that ISPs will start to filter my hotmail address which I've
>used for years mostly for my business contacts :(((
>...is there anything I can do?
I've been getting these as of recent too.  To keep these from returning 
back into your inbox make sure you report each of them as spam, which is 
what they are since you are not the one originating them.


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