[dba-Tech] Win 95 problem

Jon Tydda Jon.Tydda at alcontrol.co.uk
Thu Mar 18 10:11:18 CST 2004

Heh :-)

I haven't checked for a virus yet - just ran scandisk and defrag, they're
both ok. I'll try and find a floppy disk somewhere and put stinger on it.
I've not checked for spyware as it's not on the network - so no network
drinves :-(

I'll try that as the last resort then, thanks!


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Oh the joys of Windows 95 ;o).  It almost sounds as if you were hit by 
some kind of virus. 

a) have you checked for viruses on this pc?
b) have you checked for spyware on this pc? (spybot or adaware)
c) you can re-install windows 95 OVER your existing install and it will 
replace the missing files, but won't overwrite any of the possibly 
infected ones.

Jon Tydda wrote:

>Hi all - I've got a pc here with a bit of a problem. It's running Win 95 (I
>think it's a P2-400ish) and is an instrument controller for an analytical
>instrument (with, typically, the only copy of the software on the pc). One
>day it stopped seeing the network - to me, it looks like some of the dll's
>have been removed, but it will not let me run the hardware installer to
>install a new network card, or drivers for anything. It's displaying
>everything in 16 colour, 400*600 mode, which is a little disorientating to
>say the least.
>Without reinstalling windows (as I'm not sure if it'll stop the instrument
>software working) is there any way to solve this problem? Please bear in
>mind that I've not used Win 95 for a good few years - and am more
>in 2k, so I've forgotten some of the subtleties of 95.

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