[dba-Tech] HP 3820

Gary Kjos garykjos at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 29 10:08:56 CST 2004

Didja go to the HP Website? They used to have a pretty extensive online help 
section there. I found out how to modify one of my HP printers there once 
when it was falsly detecting something or another that had to do with 
printing banners - something that I had never done with that printer nor did 
I plan to - so it talked me though clipping a wire to get around the 
problem. It was laced with "this is not supported by HP and will void your 
warranty" etc, but since i was already out of warranty, WTF?

I'd check the contacts were the cartridge plugs into and make sure that they 
are clean - perhaps try to clean them off with some alcohol or some aerosol 
contact cleaner (you can get it ar Radio Shack) or maybe a pencil eraser 
depending on what they look like.

Did you try a google search with that model number and a couple words about 
the problem?  I've had some success in the past finding info that way too - 
almost a shot in the dark but stranger things have happened too.

Gary Kjos
garykjos at hotmail.com

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>Subject: [dba-Tech] HP 3820
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>Here's a question that's pretty far off the beaten path even for this list.
>I have two HP3820 printers.  One works, one doesn't.  The one that doesn't 
>has a blinking light which indicates that a new ink cartridge is required.  
>So I took the cartridges out of the one that works and put them into the 
>one that doesn't, but the light still blinks.  I believe that it is not 
>'seeing' one (or more) of the cartridges.
>The printer is too cheap to repair.  But I hate to just toss it.  It IS an 
>elegant piece of hardware.  (The rant against our disposable society I will 
>withhold, here.)   Maybe someone knows (or can speculate) on which 
>component might be at fault.  Maybe some ink got on a sensor?  Who knows? 
>(That's why I'm writing, of course.  To find out who knows.)
>Best to all,
>Rocky Smolin
>Beach Access Software
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