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Shamil Salakhetdinov shamil-users at mns.ru
Wed Mar 31 14:11:31 CST 2004

Hi All,

I just wanted to inform you that I didn't give up with the subj but I've
no any time on that investigations now because I'm taking a major shift
in my programming carrier - I'm taking now in the eveinings MCP,
MCAD.NET, ... certification courses, I'm working during working day on
C++, ATL/ATL OLE DB, MS SQL 2000, ... and therefore no free time on
tricky VBA coding.... (well, I do use these days VBA code to generate
C++ code (templates) and T-SQL stored procedures based on metadata
stored in MS Access databases and MS Excel sheets - looks like a tricky
solutions, isn't it? :))

... as for the subj - I've here a template code to make it hopefully
working on Win98 too but I can't predict when I will fnd free time to
implement a deployable solution - within the next two-three months maybe
after I will get MS certified...

Sorry for any inconvenience,

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> Hi All,
> Since quoted here my posting several volunteers beta-testers helped me
> to find and eliminate some problems with subject sample. Here are the
> current results:
> Windiows 2000 (SP4)
> ================
> A97 - OK
> A2K - OK
> AXP - OK
> A2003 - OK
> Windows XP (SP1)
> =============
> A97 - fail
> A2K - OK
> AXP - OK (developer, full, runtime)
> A2003 - OK (professional)
> Windows95
> ========
> No info
> Win98
> =====
> A97 - No info
> A2K - fail
> AXP - No info
> A2003 - No info
> Windows ME
> ==========
> No info
> Windows Server 2003 family
> ====================
> No info
> If somebody wanted to help me with beta testing for positions marked
> above as "No info" please e-mail me privately.
> Thanks for all your help and attention!
> Shamil
> P.S. All who particiapte in beta-testing - if you don't mind I will
> mention you here in my future postings related to the subject  and of
> course later on my site when I will publish the final results in the
> case the will be positive (they should be with such great your
> support!) - I'm not sure I may mention you without your permission.
> Please send me a short note that I can do that.

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