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Haslett, Andrew andrew.haslett at ilc.gov.au
Wed Nov 30 16:59:31 CST 2005

VMWare / Virtual PC apps will should handle the load OK, but its
depending on your system specs - specifically memory.

As to the firewall, my understanding is that the firewall on your HostPC
will only see the VirtualPC app as a single application accessing the
internet, so its all or nothing from that end (ie, a firewall on the
host PC can't differentiate between apps on the virtual pc).

So if you want to access the internet from the virtual pc and are
planning on storing sensitive data / want to protect from viruses etc.,
then yeah its probably a good idea to install it on the virtual PC.

But it depends on how you are setting up the networking on your VPC  -
many don'y use bridged networking (and therefore no internet access),
and just create a share between the host and virtual pc to swap files if

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Is anyone using Virtual PC?  I am starting to set it up, using an
external Drive on a USB, and I am wondering whether I need to bother
putting a firewall on it.  The virtual PC instances will be used for
development in the new Visual Studio 2005 / SQL Server 2005.  It seems
like rather a large computing load to impose on a virtual machine,
although if there is little traffic to the internet perhaps not.


John W. Colby

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