[dba-Tech] A couple of Excel questions

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 09:24:13 CDT 2007

Arthur, you've probably done both of the following, but just in case. 

First, format the entire column the same. 
Second, recopy the formula. 

Whenever a copied formula fails like that for me -- one of the two almost
always fixes it for me. 

Susan H. 

Forgive the double-post. I wasn't sure whether this belongs on dba-Tech or
if it's ok here.

1. When I change column widths on one sheet, it seems to change them on all
sheets. Can't I affect only one sheet?
2. On one of my sheets there is a column that does a VLOOKUP() into another
sheet. Except for the relative row number of the lookup value, the formulae
are identical down the column. But two lookups fail. There doesn't seem to
be anything different about these two. In one case the lookup value is 4431
and the other 11503. I tried switching them to strings and ditto in lookup
table, to no avail. Any idea why these two, and only these two out of about
80 lookups, fail?

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