[dba-Tech] Wireless Network WinXP and Win98

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Fri Aug 8 18:45:53 CDT 2008

The critical issue is IP addressing.

You need to either assign each machine its own unique IP address in the same non-routable 
subnet space (most common ones to use are  192.168.x.x  or 10.10.10.x) or configure one 
of your Router/WAPs as a DHCP Server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

You should also give each machine a meaningful name and make sure they are all in the 
same "WorkGroup" under "Network Connections - Advanced- Network Identification"

On 8 Aug 2008 at 6:33, Tina Norris Fields wrote:

> Hi again all you wizards,
> Since you helped me with my understanding of the "router," "wireless 
> access point," and "bridge," perhaps you can help me with this next part.
> In addition to my Internet access through the bridge of my two D-Link 
> Routers, I did create a peer-to-peer network among my office computers.  
> They were 2 WinXP laptops and 1 Win98 desktop.  I used the WinXP wizard, 
> I think, and made the network first on the main computer (the newer of 
> the WinXP laptops), then copied the settings onto a diskette and loaded 
> them into the other two computers.  The network works well.  I don't 
> really remember what issues I faced with networking these different OSs, 
> other than that the 802.11G technology was too much for the Win98 and I 
> had to stay with 802.11B for its adapter card.  Now, I need to do the 
> same thing for a friend.  I've been trying to refresh my memory of the 
> issues before I go tackle her machine.
> What are the "gotchas" that I need to watch out for?
> Thanks,
> Tina
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