[dba-Tech] Looks like a good opportunity

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Sat Aug 9 09:59:18 CDT 2008

Hi Susan:

Have you tried going to Guru.com? 

There are of course lots of junk jobs out there like: "Can you build me a
web site like Face Book for a $1000.00?".... "No but add a zero or two to
your price and we can talk."  

But... I have picked up a number contracts (mostly small) over the last half
dozen years and have been working on some contracts that I got there
(indirectly) for almost 6 years.

One friend in the bussiness is now working as a remote support tech on
contract for a company almost fulltime. He got the gig early this spring.

There are all sorts of business postings and I know there are even positions
for technical writers... (That is one category I am not in...)


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They're willing to telecommute -- I think I'd apply if I had the required
skills, but I don't. 

Susan H. 
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