[dba-Tech] [dba-OT] AntiVirXP08 - Anybody Know About This?

John Bartow john at winhaven.net
Fri Aug 15 12:24:41 CDT 2008

Bad news for all the curious and unprotected: just got notified on my
vipre/counterspy list that antivirXP09 is the latest iteration of this pest.
Apparently it is happening both from web page drive by downloads and it has
happened to a few people while opening their gmail account. I don't know yet
if it was an attachment or what.

Be careful out there.

John B.

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Panic call from my Dad.  He opened an email message that he thought was some
kind of expose about a McCain ad.  Apparently this email infected his
machine with AntiVirXP08.  A quick Google search indicates this program is a
fake anti-virus program that lures people into buying it, while it installs
spyware and other malware on their systems.  Anyone here know about this

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