[dba-Tech] Email Program Again

John Bartow john at winhaven.net
Fri Aug 22 10:51:59 CDT 2008

OK, well, I was thinking it was 2007. I just installed 2007 to test it out
and what a pig that is. When checking email it complete stops everything on
the machine (AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 5400+ with 2GB RAM). I can
run Photoshop, Illustrator, Access, and numerous other high pressure
programs on this thing at once but Outlook 2007 brings it to its knees.
Constantly hesitates on typing replies - I just had to wait for it to catch
up in this reply!

On the positive the SPAM filter seems to works really well.

Some other PIMs you may want to try:
i.Scribe (free) or its commercial sibling InScribe
Poco Systems' Barca

John B.

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2003 SP3 

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