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Kathryn Bassett kathryn at bassett.net
Mon Aug 25 18:22:02 CDT 2008

I have a notebook (only), using it like a desktop in that I have external
monitor, mouse, keyboard, two external hard drives, printer, scanner, and
I've probably left something out. I turn it off overnight but otherwise it's
on from first thing in am to when I go to bed. It's not the power that makes
me turn it off, it's that I figure the ram can use the refresh of starting
from scratch. The only other time I turn it off (besides when taking it
someplace) is when things get sluggish and I restart for the same reason. 

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> I've grown into the habit of leaving my notebook on 24/7. 
> It's using the
> power supply, of course, not the battery. Is there a down 
> side to this? will
> the machine wear out more quickly because of this? Even though it's a
> notebook, I rarely move it, so I just leave it running.
> TIA,
> Arthur
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