[dba-Tech] Another Word question -- VBA this time

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note - this talks about switching views, which may affect what objects
become available



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That was helpful -- I didn't actually find what I needed, but I did 
eventually find


which returns Ln -- the line number. I checked the Object Browser and there 
doesn't seem to be an At equivalent in the Information properties or else 
I'm just missing it, which is possible. I wouldn't have thought 
FirstCharacterLineNumber would return the current line number -- don't 
understand the FirstCharacter component of that one.

Susan H.

> http://www.bigresource.com/VB-vba-Current-Line-in-MS-Word-6YSha8fl.html
> tml
> html
> tons more
> Anyone know the VBA property for returning the current line position and
> number: the equivalents displayed by the At and Ln indicators in the 
> status
> bar? Not finding it in Word's VBA Help files -- it might be there, just 
> not
> getting the search string right I guess.

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