[dba-Tech] VoIP with a smartphone?

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 15:37:01 CDT 2009

>I think some of the newer smartphones are coming out with Skype integrated
> on them, and as long as you've got a wireless signal (wi-fi rather than 
> as that's usually charged by the carrier) you should be able to use skype
> for free. At least that's how I've understood the situation. We don't
> support it on the PDAs at work yet, but someone's bound to ask soon...

=====Yelp, they're asking, that's why I'm researching it. This might sound 
like a dumb question, but I'm assuming this capability is only as "wide" as 
the signal -- correct? Or, can a smartphone access remotely somehow?

Susan H. 

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