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You do not have to have external internet access to be able to run a web
based application. Most of the companies that I have helped build web apps
for run them on their intranet. Most banks are in the process of upgrading
and run either web apps or Citrix based programs... all through virtual
pipes linked straight to command center. Web access can be completely
controlled through configured Cisco routers where all but one or two IP
addresses are blocked.

Franchises that are in the process of converting are companies like
Superstore, Wal-Mart, Costco, Stables, Future Shop, Sony, McDonalds and a
host of smaller chains. Many are working out special arrangement with Google
and other web based giants. 

It just makes them extremely flexible and the programs can run on any
platforms the company may have... from DOS to Windows to MAC to Linux, on
servers and on stations. The companies do not have to continually be
upgrading their hardware to be able to handle the latest and greatest. 

Managers and specialized offsite home and travelling staff may have special
remote access. The other plus is that all the data is live and real-time
everywhere and can backed up virtually instantaneously.

These companies are ultra-security conscience and even I have to have a
special time-limited passes that may be couriered to me through over night
delivery just to have access to their server rooms or privileged access to
their business desktops. 

An interesting aside:
I have a friend that does a lot of business for Honda, out of Japan,
developing internal advertisement material and pamphlets. Japan is almost
completely linked by fiber-optic cables. It was great to watch him remotely
drag a 15GB file from some server in a place like Sayama and drop it on a
server in Tokyo (that is not the head quarters but the name escapes me). It
was as if they were merely directories on the same computer. Just a brief
moment of confirmation and done... 

All their internal manuals, brochures, advertisement and announcement are
delivered via web based applications.    

Times are changing Stuart.


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Your's maybe - not mine.  I develop *business* solutions, not Web 2.0 crap.

Not all of us live in areas where web based applications are even possible,
let alone 

Many organisations don't let their staff have internet access for all sorts
of valid reasons.
Very few organisations that I know about are prepared to trust their
corporate data to an 
anonymous "cloud".

One day maybe, but certainly not in the next few years.


On 5 Nov 2009 at 6:58, Jim Lawrence wrote:

> Hi All:
> As our web technology continues to mature it has become apparent that your
> next big application will not be desktop but web based. If you need any
> proof link and read the attached article:
> n-2014-646680
> A lot of research was made to gather references to various emerging and
> stabilizing technologies... well worth the read.
> Jim
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