[dba-Tech] Word save when existing question

Tina Norris Fields tinanfields at torchlake.com
Tue Nov 10 16:59:24 CST 2009

Hi Susan,

If one opens a dialog box and makes no changes, but uses the close or OK 
button to close it instead of the cancel button or ESC key, the program 
treats that as a change.  The command sent in to the CPU is something 
like this:  "look at the settings in this dialog box and accept them."   
It makes no difference at all that the user didn't actually make any 
changes, the computer got a command to accept settings and interprets 
that as a change.

I hope this is helpful,

Susan Harkins wrote:
> Why does Word ask me if I want to save changes when exiting a document that 
> I haven't changed? I know I've read about this somewhere, but now... I just 
> can't remember what I read.
> Thanks!
> Susan H. 
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