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Bob Geldart bgeldart at verizon.net
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My Dell Inspiron over a year ago started this surging whine--very 
quietly but noticeably. May have been going on for some time, but 
didn't seem to notice it until after I'd had it a year or so. Went 
out and got another drive as a clone backup, using a drive dock 
(toaster) and Acronis.

After more than a year, I'm now of the opinion that it's the fan. I 
think the power supply is set to surge this way, somewhat like when 
it is first turned on.

I do clone the drive every couple of weeks, though, just to be on the 
safe side. I know drives fail, but in my experience with dozens of 
PCs since 1980, personal and professional, I think I've only had 3 or 
4 fail on me.


At 11/13/2009 01:58 PM, John Bartow wrote:
>Are you sure it's not the fan? I've never heard a hard drive whine. Click
>yes but not whine.
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>My hard drive is beginning to whine ever once in a while -- probably not
>good, right?
>Susan H.

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