[dba-Tech] Easy server setup

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 5 17:00:41 CST 2010

For all you who work on a budget, have a small network to support, even with
mixed OSs and have a few beaters around, it is time for a little server to
manage things.

Try the following: http://www.amahi.org

Below is one of the testimonials:

I live in a household with 10 computers running a variety of operating
systems - 4 Macs running Leopard, 1 Vista, 3 Windows XP, 1 Ubuntu and 1
Fedora. I was looking for a flexible and robust home server solution that I
could set and forget. I've found it with the Amahi Home Server.
I was an early adopter of Windows Home Server but wasn't happy with it. It
was "delicate". Issues appeared on a daily basis and it didn't "play well"
with the non-Microsoft computers in my house.

I've had my Amahi server up and running for a few months now and am very
pleased. The thing just hums away quietly in the corner. Setting up user
accounts is a no brainer. I use it as a file server, music server, video
server and to download torrents.

So far I've accessed it remotely using openvpn from around North America,
Europe and Asia. I'm no linux geek but haven't had any significant problems
setting it up. Any questions I had were answer promptly by the Amahi team.
Kudos on an excellent product.

It's exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommended.

For a small client or homeuser it might be more than enough.


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