[dba-Tech] SBS 2008 Performance Issues

Janet Erbach jerbach at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 12:33:54 CST 2010

Thanks, Jim.  There IS a resolution, you know, but I'm saving the kerosene
and the match for our evil  IBM copier...

On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 12:10 PM, Jim Lawrence <accessd at shaw.ca> wrote:

> Hi Janet:
> A friend who is working on a very similar site, SBS 2008, ran with most of
> the defaults when he did the install and even with a full RAID, it still
> runs like a dog. My job on this install was to redesign and deploy a new
> version of their POS and Estimator application (which I am still working
> on...). I have been moving as much of the FE application to the desktop as
> possible and migrating the BE to the MS SQL and performance has improved
> but
> it is still not stellar.
> A client of mine, of which I did the install, has a stand-alone 2008
> server,
> with many of the SBS applications installed... MS SQL server 2005, IIS, MS
> Exchange (really needs its own server), Active directory, etc... But I use
> a
> hardware firewall and have 8 GB of RAM. The box probably runs at least
> twice
> as fast considering the hardware is probably physically slower than the new
> SBS box.
> Sorry, to say that and then be of no help to improve your performance but
> as
> far as I know there may not be any resolution... but if I hear of some
> tweaks or fixes you will be immediately informed through a post here.
> Jim
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> I started a thread about a month ago in relation to extremely high
> virtual/physical memory usage on our SBS 2008 server.  It looks like the
> issue may be a two-fold one:
> 1)  We customized our installation of SBS 2008 and did NOT turn on the
> Microsoft Exchange features.  We didn't want them.  And it's starting to
> look like...
> 2) Having Exchange turned off has adversely affected the SBS Monitoring
> Services.  SBS Monitoring has not cleaned up after itself properly since it
> was first installed, and I've found a couple of troubleshooting references
> that mention making sure two specific Exchange services are running.  So
> I'm
> wondering if Monitoring can't clean up after itself without Exchange
> running
> in the background...The Monitoring database has reached it's built-in 4 gb
> limit, and it generates dozens of errors all day long because of that.
> I think that SBS Monitoring is thrashing constantly to try and do what it's
> supposed to do - and can't, due to database overgrowth.  Does anyone know
> how I can go about turning off SBS monitoring completely?  Stopping the
> services isn't enough...that has had no effect on memory usage.  I can't
> find any helpful info on the issue through my web searches.   And, unlike
> SBS 2003, you can't just uninstall SBS Monitoring - it does not appear as a
> seperate entity in the add/remove programs list.
> Or...am I better off starting over and re-installing SBS 2008 from scratch
> using the default settings so that it SBS 2008 will behave itself?
> Janet Erbach
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