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That helped a lot!  :-)


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Watch out for which type of programmer comes to visit and...

How do you trap a Scheme programmer in the shower?
Hand him a bottle of shampoo.

How do you trap a Visual Basic programmer in the shower?
Hide the widget that opens the curtain.

How do you trap a BASIC programmer in the shower?
Use silicone to attach his Commodore-64 to the tile.

How do you trap an Assembly programmer in the shower?
Well, first he has to build the shower...

How do you trap a Java programmer in the shower?
Convince him there's an exitShower() method somewhere and laugh while
he pores through the documentation.

How do you trap a Python programmer in the shower?
Tell him Guido wants him to stay there.

How do you trap a C programmer in the shower?
Don't try. He'll overflow the tub and take control of your house.

Hope this helps

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