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Typo alert

"did all kinds of", not "all kids of" :-)


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ACD made a quite nice little graphic viewer called ACDSee, which up to and including version 5.0 was pretty useful, though it did not understand and RAW format files that various cameras create. Also included in the package was a very basic editor called FotoCanvas Lite

However, after version 5 they did all kids of (to me) weird things to the interface that just make life confusing and I stopped paying any attention to it.  

Considering they started out several years behind Adobe and Corel I have my doubts if their current offerings are even close. But take a look here...



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We do all our graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator and have for years. 

Has anyone heard of the company ACD that makes a variety of graphic products? Until yesterday I had heard nothing about them but they are actually a company out of Victoria (probably hiding somewhere is the Saanich area/municipality... a large rural farm area spotted with various tech

My wife has been offered a free package... when she was talking to one of the owners/programmers yesterday at a FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists) chapter meeting.

Do they have good products?


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