[dba-Tech] Mouse not working on a web site

Heenan, Lambert Lambert.Heenan at chartisinsurance.com
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This may be a complete red herring, but I noticed that all the links on the page are to .asp pages. Could that have anything to do with it? Interestingly when I viewed the site in Chrome I had no problem, but when I tried using IE8 it at first said that it could not display the page (suggesting that my internet connection may have been lost - not so) but then when I hit the 'go back to previous page' link on the error page the site displayed fine.


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Hi All,
This one has me puzzled, on my desktop running Win XP Home Premium, IE8, the mouse just won't work on the following site


The mouse works on IE8 menus but is totally dead when I mouse on the web site.  I'm allowing pop-ups, set this site for compatability views,  called the company (no help), checked the Dell site for drivers, no new ones.
Diane can get it at work, I can get it on my wireless laptop, Win7 Home Premimum, IE7.  Could someone see if they can get the site that has Win XP,
IE8 or if anyone has ANY ideas, I would gretly appreciate it.
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