[dba-Tech] Mouse not working on a web site

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Tue Feb 23 10:48:05 CST 2010

I did a quick look on that site and it looks like the really tricked up with
a lot of really neat Java Script code. 

Much of that code uses various classes though I have not investigated
further, there are a few JS calls/classes which are handled differently in
IE7/8 than in any other browsers and if the developer is not aware of this,
things can go sideways very fast. IE tends to be a bit of a moving target
and a simple update may throw things off.

A friend worked on a client's site for a couple of weeks before he could get
the various versions IE* working... I do not remember the specifics other
than the client was more than upset with the additional costs.

If you do not need to use IE I would suggest that you use either the latest
versions of FF or Chrome as their products are HTML5 and W3C standardized.  

This is not meant to disparage IE but their current focus is on integrating
SilverLite into the browser world and some things have been allowed to
slide. As a web designer keeping things as simple as possible usually is the
best policy.


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Hi All,
This one has me puzzled, on my desktop running Win XP Home Premium, IE8, the
mouse just won't work on the following site


The mouse works on IE8 menus but is totally dead when I mouse on the web
site.  I'm allowing pop-ups, set this site for compatability views,  called
the company (no help), checked the Dell site for drivers, no new ones.
Diane can get it at work, I can get it on my wireless laptop, Win7 Home
Premimum, IE7.  Could someone see if they can get the site that has Win XP,
IE8 or if anyone has ANY ideas, I would gretly appreciate it.
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