[dba-Tech] Upload speed

Rocky Smolin rockysmolin at bchacc.com
Tue May 4 22:15:36 CDT 2010

Dear List:

I got street legal with GoDaddy (found out that using my web site as a
repository for files, as off-site backup, was a violation of the terms of
service.  Who knew?) and bought 100GB of space for $29 a year for off-site

But the upload speed is pretty slow.  Although Speakeasy shows my upload at
around 900 Kbps the upload through Filezilla - my current FTP program of
choice - shows 60-90 Kbps.  I asked GoDaddy and they said no problem from
their side - talk to the ISP.  Of course, Road Runner says everything's cool
with them - talk to the host.

Any ideas how I could up my upload speed? 



Rocky Smolin

Beach Access Software


www.e-z-mrp.com <http://www.e-z-mrp.com/> 

www.bchacc.com <http://www.bchacc.com/> 



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