[dba-Tech] Not as easy as it sounds

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Tue May 3 14:12:08 CDT 2011

I could suggest a Canon MP540.

It has two paper sources (one can print card stock and photo quality paper),
scanning and copying capabilities, full colour, two black reservoirs, one
for photo colour reproduction and one large black-ink reservoir for black
and white printing.

It is not a heavy duty office work horse but it is really cheap...how cheap;
I do not know, but bought mine for $52.



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Max, my son who is at Northwestern, needs a printer.  So I said I'd shop one
up for him and have it shipped.  Initially survey reveals that there are
approximately 3.6 million printers available.  
So I'm going to ask for recommendations.  Printer should be 1) fairly
inexpensive (he's pretty hard on his electronics so it may need to be
replaced in a year), 2) have inexpensive replacement carts, either OEM or
third party, 3) low duty - certainly <100 sheets per day - usually much
less, 4) he says color's not necessary but I think it's a good thing to have
(do they even make mono printers any more?)  which means separate color
What else?  8 1/2 x 11-14 is fine.  
Vendor's no problem - I can have it drop shipped from Fry's, Amazon, Tiger
Direct, etc.  Just need to decide on a printer.
What's your top choices?  
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