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Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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Hi Steve:

You will note that you can only access the VPN via a computer setup to run
over the VPN. I can not enter and access your VPN specifically
because that IP range can only be used within an intranet. The VPN just
extends that capability to computers that may be remote. Check also that the
VPN station does not also supply the username and password to ease access.

The environment in which you describe is fairly typical for a lot of
companies. In one company, once logged into the VPN, a person can see every
node in 40 states and 12 provinces and you could easily print an invoice to
some printer in Georgia. Though this is not a very secure system it is
fairly common. You should be able to go into the VPN client on the stations
and remove the auto login feature.

For a further general information, on VPNs go to OpenVPN website
(http://openvpn.net/) and though the documentation is specific to the
product it is standard in its features and scope.


PS First backup anything you are fixing as it can be easy to lose important

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Dear Group,

The network guy who set up my client's Windows 2003 Server also set up
remote access.  He used a public DNS outfit to create a domain name
which is what we use for VPN.  Then he also set up one of the network
adapters with an internal IP address of when one runs
Windows Remote Desktop, the IP address to type in is  Fine.
 This all works.

The only problem is (well, not the ONLY problem...the network guy went
to jail and has been incommunicado since...and I have only a simple
knowledge of network protocols and such) that the VPN setup isn't set
up properly.  I say that because this morning I discovered that one
can simply fire up Windows Remote Desktop, type in the real IP
address, and log right in. (One additional problem is that the owner
of the company has network administrator rights...but NO

So my question is, what do I have to do to ensure that Remote Desktop
access ONLY goes through the VPN?  Do we have to set up the VPN from
the server itself?  I thought that that had been done, but now I'm not
so sure.


Steve Erbach
Neenah, WI
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