[dba-Tech] SOLVED!! Not Sure Quite What I'm Dealing With Here - Update 4

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Sat May 14 14:46:06 CDT 2011

Impressive and now I know where to come if I ever get in a sticky router and
network problems.

I have one suggestion, words of wisdom (which I have rarely followed...
except in with businesses) and that is to create a complete image of NEW
perfect computer and store it. In theory when the computer fails, and it
will; it should be easy to re-install. Also save the router setting as that
sure makes it easy to recover from a hardware failure. 

"Student Computer"; are you doing onsite training at your home?



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Hello All,
I thought I would finish the story.  The Fields-Family computer has been 
completely re-established.  It took doing the reformatting and 
reinstallation sequence twice - not sure why, but there were other 
details going wrong, too, that may have had an impact.  Anyway, first I 
copied all the data files, documents, photos, music, videos, etc. from 
the Fields-Family computer to an external hard drive.  Then, I did the 
complete re-installation of WinXP-SP2, with full reformat of the hard 
drive.  Then, I did the SP3 update.  I re-established drivers for the 
peripheral equipment.  I set up the Admin account separate from the 
Family account.  I got Vipre installed, running, and regular scans 
scheduled.  Their copy of Office 2003 was not their original disk set 
and they had no idea where the original set was.  I had a spare set, so 
I used that.

Along the way, I noticed that the wireless network connection kept 
dropping.  You already know that my DL-415 router at the POE was failing 
and I replaced it with a NetGear WNDR3400 router.  Well, the DL-415 in 
my office was also dropping the signal - I watched my link status 
monitor and saw the signal drop out, then come back, repeatedly.  So, 
there is now a new WNDR3400 in my office, too.  Also, I noted that the 
USB wireless adapter on the Fields-Family computer wasn't functioning.  
I replaced that with another new NetGear adapter.  While I was buying 
that, the store manager asked me if I wanted to invest $7 for a 
three-year replacement guarantee, in case anything went wrong, or the 
USB connector broke - and I burst out laughing, because that was exactly 
what had happened to the old one.  It had apparently been bumped - no 
surprise there, with active kids and the adapter sticking out from the 
front of the computer - and the connector had a nice slope to it at 
about a 5-degree angle, rather than parallel to the rest of the body of 
the device.  So, yes, I bought the additional guarantee.  This new 
adapter came with a cradle, so, I used a USB port in the back of the 
tower and placed the adapter in its cradle on a shelf above the 

With all this new equipment, I reconstructed the entire wireless network 
- starting with the router at the POE.  With my new computer in my lap 
and both new WNDR3400 routers sitting on the floor, I set the first one 
up, named it, and created a new SSID name - made note of all the 
settings.  Then, I set the second one up, named it, and joined it to the 
new SSID - made note of all the settings.  This router is 
cable-connected to the first router, no placed back in my office where 
it belongs.  The DL-415 router in the garage apartment is still working 
fine.  All the IP addresses are as they should be, and the 128-bit 
security key is established for the whole network.  It's working 
beautifully, now.

I've almost finished transferring the files and programs that I use all 
the time to my new computer.  This five-year-old one will probably 
become one of my student computers here in the little classroom I have 
in my home office, or maybe it will serve as a sort of backup machine to 
use when I don't want to risk harm to the new computer - haven't 
decided, yet.

Just wanted to let you know I got it all working again, and corrected 
some errors along the way - such as making sure the girls are not 
working in an administrator level user profile, and their wireless 
adapter is out of harm's way - things like that.  Larry is working on 
the bookcase and work station construction for the library in their 
house.  When that is completed, the Fields-Family computer will go home, 
and I will have room for one more student computer here.

Best regards,

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