[dba-Tech] Strip Billiards

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 04:42:38 CDT 2012

Apparently at least one of the Royals likes this variant on the classic
game. But it gave me pause: the problem I face is that I am a very good
pool player, and skilled at all the variants of billiards, so the question
arises, Do I want to win or lose? Should I win, then I am left fully or
partially clothed, while the princely loser strutteh about in all his Royal
nudity. It's enough to make one want to throw the game, but alas, that is
not in my nature. Give me a pool cue and then watch out: you'll be in your
skivvies and less within a shot or three. Give me a decent shot and chances
are the game is over... but what a sour taste is such a victory! There I
stand, fully clothed, while the Prince cavorts Naked! What sort of justice
is that?

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