[dba-Tech] The Apple victory

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Sun Aug 26 13:07:55 CDT 2012

It just goes to show how screweup the US patent system is - and the US legal system :-(

On 26 Aug 2012 at 8:26, Jim Lawrence wrote:

> Upon some basic investigation into the suit Apple and Samsung filed against
> each other and Apple won, it all leaves me wondering
> I first assumed that the case hinged on complex technology that the other
> had used and failed to compensate the other for...like one of the companies
> had invented Gorilla glass, or the special glue to hold on the glass, or the
> diode chip, or miniaturized camera technology, or voice receptors or
> miniaturized chips, or a certain type of SD RAM, or their board
> configuration or even a certain type of interface or protocol.
> To my amazement it was none of these.
> Did you know the following "technologies" and I use the word with disbelief,
> are patented?
> 1. A double tap on a screen to expand the screen.
> 2. Bounce-back if scrolling beyond the screen real-estate.
> 3. Multiple gestures recognition on the screen.
> 4. Ornamental design of white or black on cell phone/tablet case. 
>    (other colors as well)
> 5. Rounded corners on phone/tablet design.
> 6. Rounded corners on screen icons.
> It is like patenting a handle on a door or a certain height of a chair or
> the first Ford being able to patent the paint colour black, on a car.
> Then the whole court case was a setup. The courtroom was less than 10 miles
> from Apple's headquarters. The jurors were selected from the immediate area.
> As far as I can see the whole event could just as well taken place in an
> Apple boardroom with the jurors being Apple employees. Rest assured if any
> juror had disagreed with the guilty verdict their future, in Silicon Valley,
> would have been very limited.
> IMHO, the whole trial was a joke, a farce and a setup. Samsung did not have
> a song of winning or even breaking even. If I had been the judge in the case
> I would have laughed them out of court, fined them both substantially for
> wasting the courts time and sent them both on their way.
> Jim   
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