[dba-Tech] Firefox 15

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 29 09:14:52 CDT 2012

Firefox 15 is now out. 

In this version it has focused on making the product the best game browser.

" To that end, Firefox 15 brings a number of improvements to the browser's
support for WebGL, the open standard for 3D on the web. In particular, the
new release adds support for compressed textures, which make better use of
graphics card memory, allowing developers to use higher-resolution textures
in their games.

Firefox 15 also adds support for new high-resolution timing APIs, which
Mozilla says give developers control over their interactive content down to
the thousandths of milliseconds. 

The result of these efforts is that it is now becoming possible to run
advanced 3D games entirely within a Firefox browser window, using only HTML,
WebGL, and JavaScript.

To prove it, Mozilla developers have created a demo first-person shooter
game... "

See the video of the demo game: 


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