[dba-Tech] IIS Manager 7 on Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Sat Oct 27 18:03:45 CDT 2012

I did say I had not worked with PHP installs for a while. 

I guess it makes the cgi version the only version and that simplifies
things. The person that really knows is on holidays but should be back in a
week or so but I sure wouldn't bother him about work on his vacation.


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So how do you run PHP on IIS if not as a CGI binary?

PHP 5.3.0 dropped support for ISAPI,  FastCGI is now the only option AFAIK.


On 27 Oct 2012 at 8:12, Jim Lawrence wrote:

> Yes, php-cgi is a version of the past. When I first installed php the cgi
> version was full of security holes...but things may have changed in ten
> years. 

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