[dba-Tech] "Intelligent" candles

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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Hi Arthur:

I have not looked into this but an LED can be the size of a head of a pin.

The new lights when you take off the cover look like a six shiny pin heads
on a black surface. Without the light diffuser cover the light can be very
blinding, like an arc-welder.

OTOH, wax can be mixed with chemicals to make it burn different colours.
Copper nitrate for green, strontium nitrate for red, sodium nitrate for
orange and so on...


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I admire your Google-search abilities  Stuart, and admit that I too
suspected similar chicanery. But unless they are using nano-tech, there
were no discernible traces of anything electronic once the wax was gone. So
I am left with two conjectures: a) it's in the wax, or b) said electronics
melt without trace one the last of the wax is gone.

I have lots of difficulty subscribing to the latter explanation. That's not
to say that I have irrefutable evidence to the contrary, but my simple
ignorant experiment (burn the candle until there's no wax left) yielded no
traces of anything metallic or otherwise. Hardly hard science, I grant you.
But the casual and ignorant observer notes that a) this experiment is
repeatable; and b) there are no apparent traces left once all the wax is
gone. This leads me to conjecture that it's in the wax itself, some
substance melted into the wax at candle-formation time.

I am not standing in any direction on this. Frankly I am mystified. The
definitive answer lies somewhere in China, within a company that
manufactures these candles at a price which after import taxes, overseas
transport etc., retail markup, results in a candle-in-a-glass that retails
for about a dollar, in CDN currency. At that price, I cannot fathom how it
could be done with LEDs. But I'm just a stupid guy from Winnipeg who can
program a 500-table database and can't even figure out how his $1 candle

I'm beginning to think that I'm a relic on this planet. It's going way
faster than I can cope with, but I have yet to quit and accept the fate of
Drowned. When in doubt, play Chess.

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