[dba-Tech] FYI: Microsoft's 128GB Surface Pro Sells Out At MS Online Store Just Hours After Launch

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I have to disagree. In fact, I think that is the world we came from and these days technology is evolving at such a pace that it is impossible to be a specialist in anything.

It is far more desirable to have someone who has a decent understanding of many things and be able to wear many hats. Someone who knows enough to be easily be brought up to speed on your project.

And this can also be reason based purely on economic factors. A specialist can demand far more in compensation and, in economic times like these, companies and startups are a bit more spend thrift.

- Hans

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> Hi Jim --
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> Mixing, matching and mashups is the new tech future.
> Agreed.
> But one cannot be a good, even satisfactory, "jack of many (software development/tech.) trades".
> The tech. future IMO are standards, industrialization and specialization.
> Industrialization doesn't mean (here) that there will be no place for "one jack"/SMB software development/tech. companies - industrialization means that custom software development to be competitive will have to be driven by well educated in computer science and application development (process) engineers and managers, engineers and managers who will be taught to use "the right tool for the right job" and when for a certain project/task they will find they aren't skilled enough to apply the most suitable tool(s) they will effectively delegate that project/job to a third-party and acquire/integrate the results of their work via standard/custom (web) APIs.
> -- Shamil
> Вторник, 12 февраля 2013, 11:38 -08:00 от "Jim Lawrence" <accessd at shaw.ca>:
>> Hi Shamil:
>> I would be far from anti-Microsoft especially as I have made a very good living from the OS. I must admit I would definitely like to change the direction in so many ways...ways that would open up more opportunities than less but my name is not Steve Ballmer. 
>> I doubt whether any company will gain control of ninety-five percent of the market, ever again but that is hardly a bad situation for techs...it is just that we have to be a jack of more trades now. 
>> Mixing, matching and mashups is the new tech future. 
>> Jim 
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>>  Hi Jim and All --
>> I haven't seen before TechCrunch being "pro-Microsoft" so I have reposted the link on their article without checking it. I'll be more careful in the future.
>> Thank you.
>> -- Shamil
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