[dba-Tech] FYI: Moving to "nirvana": if Microsoft were to shift to WebKit, you can thank Opera.

Salakhetdinov Shamil mcp2004 at mail.ru
Sat Feb 16 12:52:37 CST 2013

 Hi Jim --

Sorry, I have to disagree.

That's not that desktop market has shrank but mobile market has exploded, hasn't it?
Do you see a lot of business apps running on mobile devices?
They will definitely appear but AFAIS from the current trends that would be native apps first of all.

 Yes, you can develop one web application to use from within browsers on all the main platforms but that would be like unisex clothes and that web apps will always be behind/lagging the technology innovations trends as "unisex HTML/CSS/Javascript" web apps cannot be innovation drivers.

Do you like unisex and uniform clothes? I don't. A few people do like them AFAIK. If one will try to make *non-unisex* web apps' UIs - I mean to design web apps UIs special way for every target browsing platform fitting that platform design guidelines then the efforts for such designs will be as large as efforts to develop native apps, and as I have noted above even in that case HTML/CSS/JavaScript *non-unisex* apps will be behind technology innovations - does it make sense then to try to aim at developing *non-unisex* web apps UIs?...

-- Shamil

Суббота, 16 февраля 2013, 9:50 -08:00 от "Jim Lawrence" <accessd at shaw.ca>:
>Hi Shamil:
>There are two basic functions performed on computers; that of consuming and
>that of providing. User computers like tablet and Smartphones are designed
>for consuming, user computers like desktops and laptops are designed for the
>dual purpose of consuming and providing and computers like servers are
>designed for providing.
>There is not a computer that has internet capability or just has a browser,
>that can not run WebPages and those pages are designed with JavaScript, HTML
>and CSS. Whether the web page is the best choice in all cases can be debated
>but that debate would have to be given on the bases of a one on one
>As for providing for the consumer an endless variety of web languages,
>databases and web servers available but this is backend support.
>The market has shifted dramatically over the last several years and the true
>desktop market has shrank...people who are just consumers have no need for
>the capabilities of a desktop. Even new and existing desktops are now being
>used mostly as browser platforms. If you support databases on even a single
>server most of the management front-ends are browser based, from Oracle to
>MySQL. Existing desktop applications are being migrated to a web based
>interface like MS Office via SharePoint and now through Office365...
>The question as to do we have an application that can be "written once and
>run everywhere" and the answer is "yes".
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