[dba-Tech] FYI: Moving to "nirvana": if Microsoft were to shift to WebKit, you can thank Opera.

Salakhetdinov Shamil mcp2004 at mail.ru
Mon Feb 18 18:03:57 CST 2013

 Hi Jim --

Yes, "as a calling" but if it had happened I have had chosen another profession I'd have felt it was my calling - so that is more "general attitude to any job to do" that just a "feeling of calling for software development".

Thank you.

-- Shamil

Понедельник, 18 февраля 2013, 15:42 -08:00 от "Jim Lawrence" <accessd at shaw.ca>:
>Hi Shamil:
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> Hi Jim --
>> Having to be involved in the IE issues makes it a current problem. You
>forgot IE9 and we hope IE10 is will not be in the list below. Do you know
>what percentage of companies still are using XP or mixed XP/Windows7?
>Yes, I know about special coding needed for IE6,7,8. But this is now
>history, isn't it?
>> When I was in the business virtually a hundred percent of my income was
>made through Microsoft. Today, I am in the position to look at things a
>little more objectively.
>And as I have just noted in another post - I haven't said a word "in
>defense" of Microsoft - why you can't stop mentioning them when the issue
>I'm raising is "WebKit monoculture" and the probable (IMO) dominance in the
>(near) future of mobile and hybrid applications over browser hosted
>applications, independent on technology they will be developed with?
>> My buisness in the last few years has been all about servers and website
>sites and web pages and web functionality and remote capability. I touch
>little hard coding (unless you consider ASP.Net or JavaScript as hard
>coding) except for support work on an ocassional Access application and of
>course a couple of old legacy apps. 
>I personally never liked MS DOS/Windows dominance but I worked with MS
>DOS/MS Windows because that were technologies used by my customers, who I
>worked for to make my family living. And now when MS Windows is getting so
>"fierce competition on all the fronts" - that's a good sign for me that this
>industry is getting healthier. And I see how Microsoft responds to that
>competition -  and I have now a choice to use MS development tools I'm so
>accustomed to to develop "pure HTML/CSS/Javascript" apps, or hybrid apps, or
>native WindowsRT/WinPhone apps using industry standard C/C++, or Android and
>iPhone/iPad apps (Monodroid/Monotouch - C#) , I can use different SQL
>Servers running under MS Windows, I can develop office document using
>standardized Open Office XML   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_Open_XML
> supported not only by MS Office but also LibreOffice etc.
>BTW, the OS I liked most of all for PCs was QNX - I have never worked with
>it but I was so impressed with its graphical interface and speed of
>execution: AFAIK QNX is now used in the recently released BlackBerry 10 (
>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QNX )
>> In summary, like yourself I would suspect, love computers, the technology
>and creativity that makes it all a reality...and do not view development
>work as just a job or even as a career but as a calling.
>Thank you.
>-- Shamil
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