[dba-Tech] OT: A big day

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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Hi Arthur:

There are all kinds of connector available, from any standard, to any
standard. Places like "The Source" might be a good place to start,
especially to narrow down what you need, but there are many sellers on the
web who will sell such components for very inexpensive...mind you, you may
have to wait a couple of weeks for your "present" to come from China. ;-)


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While we're on this topic, I have a question about receivers, motivated by
the fact that there are abundant second-hand receivers available in my
neighbourhood (and I'm on a senior citizen's budget).

If I want to run a wire from my computer to a receiver, does the receiver
have to have "digital In"? Or can I simply obtain a wire that has the
skinny little output jack that sound cards like (don't know what it's
called) and then splits into a pair of standard RCA jacks on the other end?

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