[dba-Tech] Are you ready to base your business on the Cloud yet?

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 23 11:21:21 CST 2013

I would suspect these disasters will happen on any/all Cloud services.

The Cloud is still in its infancy and their network is astronomically
complex. It is like anything mechanical, you can not just turn it on and
walk away. Overall I would suspect that there is insufficient IT staff to
properly manage such a system...that is always the problem. 

I have never heard of a network that has not crashed for one reason of
another...that is a universal truth. Everyone has to accept that reality but
there also has to be redundancy, fail-overs and backups built into every
system...not for "if" but "when".

Under staffed and under supported would be my call...hire more techs and
fire those guys in accounts. ;-)  


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Yet another fail:
Microsoft secure Azure Storage goes down WORLDWIDE


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