[dba-Tech] Deepin Linux

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 22 15:30:08 CDT 2013

There is a new Linux distro out which has been receiving very high rated reviews called Deepin.

It is a product the has been totally written in China by a bunch of geeks there. The attention to detail on this product is spectacular. It has been loosely described as a cross between Windows 7/8 and a Linux distro. 


According to reviewers it is excessively easy to use..."So Easy a 12-year-old Can Use It". Another plus, given that Ubuntu is one of the fastest desktops, Deepin in comparison is far faster...maybe the fastest distro of any type.

This product will definitely reside in one of my virtual drives and if it stands up to previous billing, I will be looking for friends and businesses on which to install Deepin.



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