[dba-Tech] Dual monitors Windows 8

Tydda Jon - Lonza Slough jon.tydda at lonza.com
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If you press the Windows button and the letter P at the same time, you get the screen sharing dialog box. Choose Extend to get two separate screens.


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Yesterday I bought what I deem a totally bitchin' laptop, for a fabulous
price: 8GB of RAM, 1TB of hard disk. Wow. I attached my big monitor to it, but so far have not figured out how to make it dual-screen. At the moment I'm seeing the same image on both the laptop and the attached monitor. I want them to behave intelligently, e.g. I want to load, say Access, and have the code windows display on one screen and the running app on the other. I know how to do that in Win7 but Win8 is a bit of a new voyage for me.

Can anyone help me over this admittedly minor hurdle?

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