[dba-Tech] Dual monitors Windows 8

Jon Tydda jon at tydda.plus.com
Tue Jul 30 15:23:23 CDT 2013

I love keyboard shortcuts. In my first job, it was mostly typing, so I
learned all the shortcuts I could that meant I didn't have to take my hand
off the keyboard to reach the mouse... that was back using NT 3.5, and I'm
still using them a lot today.

I always find it amazing that people will spend so much time picking their
hand up off the keyboard, move it to the mouse, click on a menu, click on a
menu, click on an item, then move their hand back, when I can achieve the
same result in the time it takes to hit two or three keys...

So here's my contribution to worldwide efficiency :-)



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Thanks, Jon. Still learning the basics of Win8.


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