[dba-Tech] What's up with Vipre?

John R Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
Wed Nov 6 14:09:18 CST 2013

Hi Tina,
GFI spun Vipre and the other security specific applications into a separate
company earlier this year. The company website is at www.threattrack.com

As I've probably made evident in the past, I'm always a bit leery of
software company buyouts and spinoffs but so far, IME, all has worked out
well again :-)

I still get Vipre as a ThreatTrack Vipre stand-alone, business enterprise
package or with my GFI remote management services' Managed Anti-virus.

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For John Bartow

Looking to renew my subscription to Vipre, I find a separate Vipre website.
When I go to the GFI website, I don't find Vipre available as a product.
What's going on, do you know?


Tina Norris Fields

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