[dba-Tech] New Core distros

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 15 12:03:58 CST 2013

Hi All:

Both Slackware and Suse have announce new releases.

I have never used Slackware as its interface is minimal to say the least but it purpose is speed, functionality and super reliability. Much of the features of high-end Cisco routers can be directly attributed to development on this core distro. This new distro, 14.1, can manage and protect complex routing requirements. I have seen similar boxes setup in various financial institutions and government agencies over the years.


OpenSuse was the Linux that Microsoft and Novell spent a lot of resources on (at one time Microsoft was the single largest contributor to Linux development, ;-)) and much of the capabilities and core systems of Microsoft's Hyper-V server are thanks to Suse development. This core distro is known for slow releases but their quality control is always excellent...from desktop to full enterprise versions. It is the platform that the Mono application (http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page) was developed on which allows most Linux distros to design, compile and run all .Net technology. I have not used this distro often but it would fall into one my preferred distros.


(Note; beta 13.1 is still available for downloading and testing but only for three more day. Also note that each version can be run from a self booting DVD so familiarity can be obtained without a lot of resources.)


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